Passenger transport

Passenger transport

If you need a taxi in Võrumaa or Setomaa, feel free to contact us!

If you are about to miss a train, bus or plane, but you definitely need to reach the destination in Setomaa or Võrumaa before the agreed time, we can very likely help you.

For the convenience of having a vacation or work trip, we offer the a rental service with driver. Our friendly and polite leader will lead you to your desired destination. With the help of our taxi service , you can feel secure. Our driver has a long-term management experience that ensures safe access.

Transfers to and from the port, Tallinn or Riga airport, borders ,etc. (Luhamaa-Riia, Koidula-Tallinn, Luhamaa-Tallinn)

We offer you taxi service 24 h.
We provide all the comforts of 6 +1 seat minibus Ford Galaxy 2017.

Ordering taxi service
+3725038056, +37256612397

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