Vasekoja Holidayhome special offers

Relaxing vacation and healthy saunaexperience for 35 EUR per person

Experience a relaxing holiday and sauna with friends in Vasekoja Holidayhome.

Vasekoja Puhkekeskus Invites you to rest in Võrumaa , Vastseliina parish, Möldri village near the Piusa river, to enjoy the privacy while feeling homely and using sauna with a variety of clay-based cosmetics from company Argital. Argital was founded in 1976 with the aim of producing and improving the knowledge of clay-based products and the properties of clay itself. Argital does not use preservatives, artificial colours and synthetic perfumes. Product preservation is assured by the vegetal extracts, the essential oils, the preparation method which uses special techniques such as dynamization. Argital green clay is bringing life- giving forces and warm energy absorbed from the sun during the drying process. Argital Green Clay age is between 6 and 16 million years. The package includes:

  • accommodation for 1 night
  • unlimited access to sauna
  • available to use different clay-based care products from company Argital. (shampoos, bath and shower gels, essential oils, natural mask with delicate exfoliating, creams, hair conditioner etc.
Enjoyable holiday with sauna and massage (by preorder, ask and we will make you the best offer
After a relaxing sauna you feel how fatigue disappears from your body and spirit.